Gollum Actor Andy Serkis to Read The Hobbit Live for Charity

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Andy Serkis may be the director of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, but he's pretty much cemented himself in pop-culture as the man behind Gollum from Lord of the Rings. What's interesting is, Serkis is going to be performing a live reading of The Hobbit this Friday, and he's doing so to help raise money for charity.

Serkis had put up this GoFundMe page and is aiming to raise £100,000 for his cause. He writes:


"So many of us are struggling in isolation during the lockdown. While times are tough, I want to take you on one of the greatest fantasy adventures ever written, a 12-hour armchair marathon across Middle Earth whilst raising money for two amazing charities which are doing extraordinary work right now to help those most in need in the UK: Best Beginnings and NHS Charities Together."

The session starts this Friday at 10 a.m. BST and will no doubt last for quite a while. If anything, it looks like Serkis has already prepped himself for this marathon session; I can't imagine he got to 12 hours just on a guess.


While Amazon is set to bring back Lord of the Rings, we don't really have an idea for when that show is going to air—especially now seeing that COVID-19 has shut everything down. With this little live reading from Serkis, it would be fun to go back to the world of Tolkien, even just for a little bit.

Serkis' live stream starts on Friday, May 8.

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