Godzilla vs. Kong Sequel Officially Begins Filming

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Last year, Godzilla vs. Kong made a huge roar at the box office as it became one of the first films during the COVID-19 pandemic that put people back into movie theaters. Its success led to Legendary Pictures greenlighting a sequel with Adam Wingard returning to direct and also setting an early 2024 release date.

For months, we haven't heard a lot of updates regarding the film except with the casting of Dan Stevens as the lead. However, recently, 7News Brisbane revealed that the untitled Godzilla vs. Kong sequel has already started filming in Gold Coast, Australia. They also showed footage from the set where they're shooting a scene involving beachgoers running away from Godzilla.

You can check the news report below:

So far, there are no plot details yet regarding the sequel except that it will feature another series of battles between the two titans and another beach scene which we now know thanks to the report. It's also unknown yet if they will introduce a new titan that hasn't been featured yet in the previous MonsterVerse films.

While the details are still scarce at this point, it is still exciting to know that the sequel has officially started production since it is a sign that the film is happening and will be able to commit its early 2024 release date. It also looks like the film will still have a bigger and epic scale.

As we are waiting for more details, all we can do for now is speculate on what kind of epic battle they have in store and the mythology that they will add to the MonsterVerse. Who knows, perhaps they will finally introduce Godzilla's relatives just like in the original Japanese Godzilla films.

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The untitled Godzilla vs. Kong sequel is slated for release in theaters on March 15, 2024.

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