God of War Director Praises HBO's The Last of Us, Admits Being Jealous of Show's Success

There is little doubt that The Last of Us has been impressing viewers since it premiered in January. So it's no surprise that even game creators are loving the live-action series adaptation of the Naughty Dog title. God of War game director Cory Barlog shared his reaction to the HBO show and admits he feels "a wee bit of jealousy" because of its success.

A fan recently asked Cory Barlog about his thoughts on HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us. Not surprisingly, the God of War director confirmed he has been enjoying the series and feels a little jealous because of how good it is.

"Truly amazing, humbling and inspiring work that fills me with joy + happiness for all who made it," Barlog wrote. "And no small amount of pressure, frustration and a wee bit of jealousy that it is SO F-CKING GOOD."

"Seriously, what they are achieving is god damn MONUMENTAL. so proud of them," he concluded.

We're not surprised that Cory Barlog has great things to say although he is feeling a twinge of jealousy. After all, God of War is due to have its own live-action series and The Last of Us has just raised the bar on live-action video game adaptations. Still, there is little doubt that God of War will be at the same level as the HBO show.

Interestingly, Cory Barlog's comments were dropped ahead of the premiere of The Last of Us Episode 8. Still, it's pretty clear that Barlog's opinion of the series remains true, especially if he has already watched the latest episode.

The Last of Us Episode 8 followed Ellie as she had to face off against David and his cannibalistic cult. The episode also introduced original Joel actor Troy Baker as James, David's right-hand man.

The Last of Us Episode 8 is now streaming on HBO Max. The God of War live-action series is currently in development at Amazon Prime.

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