The Last of Us Episode 9 Preview Teases Heartbreaking Conclusion

Credit: HBO

Credit: HBO

The end is coming in The Last of Us Episode 9 and the preview may have confirmed a truly heartbreaking conclusion. In addition to that, we got another glimpse at Ashley Johnson's debut as the mysterious Anna.

The preview for The Last of Us Episode 9 was dropped shortly after the latest episode concluded. In the teaser, Joel and Ellie continue on their journey to find the Fireflies and not surprisingly, they are still getting into trouble on their way. Still, Ellie remains hopeful. "After all we've been through, it can't be for nothing," she says as she looks down at her scar.

Unfortunately, the troubles keep coming. At one point, someone throws a bomb at Joel and Ellie. We also get a glimpse at a woman trying to escape from an Infected. This woman is actually Anna, who is played by original Ellie actor Ashley Johnson.

We already know that Ashley Johnson is playing Ellie's mother and the teaser for The Last of Us Episode 9 confirms that we'll get to see just how much trouble she went through to give birth to her daughter. In addition to that, viewers will get to find out how it all ends for Joel and Ellie.

For now, it's unclear how Joel and Ellie's journey will end but there is a huge chance that it will not be a happy one. Will they be able to find the Fireflies and ultimately save the world? The truth will be revealed next week.

Ellie has just gone through a harrowing experience in The Last of Us Episode 8 when she went up against the preacher David and his cannibalistic group. Although Joel tried to save her, Ellie managed to kill David and James all on her own.

The Last of Us Episode 8 is now streaming on HBO Max. The Last of Us Episode 9 is titled Look For The Light and will premiere on Sunday, March 12, 2023.

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