Glitch Kdrama Cast: Jeon Yeo Been Is Real Life Bestie With Co-Star Choi Soo Im

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Jeon Yeo Been opens up about her special relationship with Glitch co-star Choi Soo Im.

The 33-year-old beauty talks about her experience filming the Netflix series, including her reunion with her real-life friend, who plays the role of Oh Se Hoe.

In the 10-part episode series, Jeon Yeo Been’s character Hong Ji Ho is an employee who entered the company through her family’s connection.

There, she meets her office best friend, Oh Se Hoe, played by Choi Soo Im.

During her appearance at the 27th Busan International Film Festival, the actress spoke about working with the actress and her childhood friend.

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Jeon Yeo Been Reveals How She Met Glitch Co-Star Choi Soo Im

In an interview for the Netflix series Glitch, Jeon Yeo Been revealed that she and Choi Soo Im used to be classmates when they were in elementary school.

As obtained by a local media outlet, the Vincenzo star shared that she and Choi Soo Im were classmates during their 6th grade at Seongdeok Elementary School in Gangneung, Gangwon Province.

Moreover, one of them was appointed as president, while the other was the class vice president.

“Isn't it strange? We haven't met since we were in 6th grade,” Jeon Yeo Been said, adding that Choi Soo Im was a member of the most famous Korean dance elite in Gangwon-do, and went to Seoul to study while she remained at Gangwon-do.

Glitch Director Was Stunned to Hear Jeon Yeo Been, Choi Soo Im’s Reunion

In the Netflix series, Jeon Yeo Been and Choi Soo Im played completely different characters from their personalities.

The actress said that she thought Choi Soo Im was the cool girl back then because she had the same style as her sister.

“When I told Director Roh Deok that I was her classmate, she was really surprised. We were both very surprised,” Jeon Yeo Been said, while the Glitch director said she was clueless about the actresses’ friendship.

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