Glitch Episode 4 Recap: Nana’s Live Stream Infiltrates A Cult-Like Religion

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screnshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screnshot

Glitch, starring Jeon Yeo Been and Nana, gets on with their plan by infiltrating a cult-like religion, as seen in episode 4.

As the duo starts their investigation to find the missing boyfriend, Hong Ji Ho and Heo Bora uncover the secret of a mysterious religion.

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Jeon Yeo Been plays Hong Ji Ho, a woman who believes in the existence of UFOs, alien and extraterrestrial objects. Moreover, she believes that these unidentified creatures were the reason behind her boyfriend's disappearance.

During her journey to find her boyfriend, Lee Si Guk (Lee Dong Hwi), she unexpectedly reunites with her long-lost friend Heo Bora, played by Nana, who turned out to be a YouTube live streamer covering mystery content.

Glitch’s 10 episodes all aired on October 7 exclusively on Netflix.

Glitch Episode 4: Hong Ji Ho and Heo Bora’s Friendship Drifted Away

The fourth episode began showing the background of Hong Ji Ho and Heo Bora during her earlier days.

They used to be friends after Ji Ho introduced the world of the unknown through aliens and UFOs to Heo Bora. due to their same interest, the duo became close friends and would hang out in an abandoned van as they talked about extraterrestrial objects.

However, things turned upside down after Hong Ji Ho was found unconscious for three days after hanging out with Bora. Ji Ho believed that she didn't even bother to look for her after getting lost and unconscious in the field.

Back to the present day, Bora explained that she looked everywhere for her, only to find out that she was at the hospital and being questioned by the authorities.

The incident was the reason why Hong Ji Ho distanced herself from Bora.

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Heo Bora Infiltrates a Mysterious Religious Group

After witnessing a bizarre incident with the property manager, Heo Bora decides to sneak in and find out more about the cult-like group.

With the help of a fellow member of the UFO community, Captain Price, they disguised themselves as a new member after they almost got caught by one of the leaders.

Sensing that her discovery might be good content, Heo Bora finds a way to broadcast it via live stream.

One of the highlights of Glitch episode 4 is how the Divine Light Church does its religious activities, which include levitation and bizarre chants.

While getting a lot of support from the viewers, Hong Ji Ho warned Bora to get out as fast as she could before she got caught.

However, in one of the scenes, she gets busted by the Divine light church’s leader Kim Jik Jin.

Seeing that Heo Bora is in danger, Ji Ho finds the guy and attacks him with a fire extinguisher.

Heo Bora Surprised Hong Ji Ho With a Familiar Person

In the last scene, Heo Bora invited Hong Ji Ho out to see a person.

Ji Ho continued to ask her whose house it was and if she knew the person. Bora didn't want to spoil the moment since she knew that if she told her, Ji Ho would live.

Interestingly the door opened and found one of the leaders of Divine Light Church, who happens to be Director Kim, the person that she and Bora have been looking for.

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