Glitch Episode 2 Recap: Jeon Yeo Been Reunites With Nana

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Glitch episode 2 showcases how Jeon Ye Been’s fascination with aliens and UFOs started. Moreover, it also featured her childhood friend Nana and their unexpected reunion.

Cast and Where to Watch Glitch

One of the newest sci-fi series in Hallyu, Glitch follows the story of a woman who tracks down traces of her boyfriend, who mysteriously went missing.

Hong Ji Ho, played by Jeon Yeo Been, believes that the unidentified creatures, whom she has been seeing since she was little, were the ones behind it.

Amid her journey to find her boyfriend, Hong Ji Ho reunites with her friend Heo Bo Ra, played by Nana. She is a YouTube streamer who runs a channel about UFOs, aliens, and the like.

Glitch, which aired all its 10 episodes on October 7, is a Netflix original series, which means that it exclusively airs on the streaming platform.

Glitch Episode 2 Recap: Hong Ji Ho’s Fascination With Aliens, UFOs, and Unidentified Creatures

The second episode featured a background story of Hong Ji Ho back in 2007.

As the young Ji Ho listens to the voiceover that says only 2 per cent of human beings claimed that they have not only seen aliens but also had an encounter with them.

Science believes that there is no existence of these so-called unidentified creatures, but these people suffer hypnagogia or the state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep or hypnagogic hallucinations.

As she continues to listen to the audio, Ji Ho falls into her lucid dreams as if her body is floating in the air.

However, she returned to her consciousness after sensing a person on the rooftop. It turned out that it was Heo Bo Ra, who at that time was listening to a baseball match with a cigarette in her other hand.

As she leaves the rooftop, Bo Ra sees news clippings left by Ji Ho. She called her and asked if UFOs were real, just what she saw in the article.

“I believe you’ll really like it,” Ji Ho tells her new friend.

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Hong Ji Ho Began Her Investigation, Gets Reunited With Long-Lost Friend

The scene continues in the present time when Hong Ji Ho gets a phone call from Lee Si Guk’s landlord saying that he is behind on his rent which is quite odd since he is always on time with the payment.

Confused with what she heard, she went to his home to find traces that would tell her where her ex-boyfriend is at.

Thankfully, she found his iPad, where his health app is connected, and showed Lee Si Guk’s last location.

The map points to the open field where he used to jog. Desperate to find clues, Ji Ho searched every spot where he might be and found his smartwatch.

However, she finds it odd that as soon as she checks the watch, the device, including hers, goes static.

She reported his missing boyfriend at the police station, and fortunately, she saw the same policeman who handled her case when she was found on the rooftop.

The officer gets honest with Ji Ho and tells her that missing adults aren't subject to investigation.

Due to her disappointment, she started her search alone and began searching for missing people and device errors.

She was surprised to hear that there was a phenomenon where missing people were reported, and electronic device errors occurred.

With her curiosity, she messaged a community dedicated to UFO sightings where the username of Moonhole is a member.

Since she is desperate to get clues about Si Guk’s disappearance, she attends the community meeting and sees Heo Bo Ra smoking near the place.

As she was about to leave, Ji Ho borrowed a lighter from the girl who started a conversation with Hong Ji Ho.

She asks her if she is a member of the group, to which she lies, saying that UFO meetings are ridiculous and baseless.

Little did she know that the person she was talking to is a community member and realized that she had insulted her.

After her heated argument during the meeting and the duo’s bike chase, Heo Bo Ra recognized Ji Ho, but she failed to remember Bo Ra not until she saw the UFO with a green baseball hat.

In Glitch episode 2, it featured the two girls in Ji Ho’s dreams who were inside the abandoned van.

It turned out that Ji Ho and Bo Ra created the image of the alien.

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