Gisele Bundchen Receives Heartwarming Messages of Support From Fans After She Liked a Photo About Consistency, Commitment Amid Her Ongoing Marital Problems With Tom Brady

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Gisele Bundchen seemingly alluded to her ongoing marital problems with her husband, Tom Brady, by liking an Instagram post from Jay Shetty. The Brazilian model also commented on the post with three prayer hands emojis.

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Gisele Bundchen Can Relate To Jay Shetty's Post About Commitment And Consistency In Marriage

On Wednesday, Shetty uploaded a message about commitment and consistency in marriage.

"You can't be in a committed relationship with someone who is inconsistent with you. Read that again," the post read.

Immediately after Bundchen reacted to Shetty's post, some of her fans expressed their love and support for the model.

"I'm team Gisele here. This man will choose football over anything," Instagram user @brittinea wrote.


"Girl, get that energy back. Team Gisele!" Instagram user @thegirllovesmagic wrote.

"Gisele knows her worth!" Instagram user @chelsloveshotsauce wrote.

"She sacrificed her entire career for the sake of her family. Why can't he do the same?" Instagram user @mesak_pulamte said.

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Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady Dealing With Marital Problems


Bundchen's supporters are referencing her ongoing marital problems with Brady that reportedly stemmed from the latter's football career.

According to reports, Brady promised his wife that he would retire from football so that he could focus on their family. But in a surprise twist, Brady unretired from the sport, and this reportedly caused problems in his marriage.

In recent weeks, there have also been reports claiming that Bundchen and Brady hired divorce lawyers separately. This suggests that the couple could be heading for a split.

During their separate outings, Bundchen and Brady were also spotted without their wedding rings, which looked like another indication that their marriage is falling apart.

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Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady Spotted Separately Amid Divorce Rumors

Earlier this week, the Brazilian model visited spiritual healer, Dr. Ewa, in Miami. The healer specializes in alternative treatment methods, according to People.

While Bundchen was busy taking care of her mind, body, and soul, Brady appeared on SiriusXM's Let's Go, where he talked about the pressures that he and other people deal with.

"Everyone has different situations, you know, in their life and children and, you know, you worry about their mental health. You worry about your parents [and] obviously yourself. I think I've had to learn a lot of things over a long period of time in sports. I think there's an intense amount of stress that we all deal with, and how do you relieve stress so that you're not inflicting so much damage on yourself through kind of stress response?" he said.

Brady did not open up about his marital problems during his interview.

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