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Girls' Generation Seohyun Says Acting Helps Her Unleash Hidden Emotions

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Credit: GQ KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

Girls' Generation Seohyun dedicates most of her time to the acting industry while managing her life as a K-pop idol.

Seohyun's life as a Korean celebrity continues to bloom even years after she debuted in Girls' Generation in 2007. She has been famously performing with the group and its sub-unit TTS (TaeTiSeo) while working on herself to become an established actress.

Although she left SM Entertainment, she is still a member of the Girls' Generation. Currently, she is under Namoo Actors, which helped her to score her first LGBT lead role in Hello Dracula. She went on to appear in more drama and movies, including Private Lives, Moral Sense, Holy Night: Demon Hunters, and Jinx's Lover.

Nearly three years since finding a new home, Seohyun has been tapped to star in a new historical drama, and she shared more details about her acting in a recent interview.

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Seohyun Unleashes More Emotion Through Acting

In a new interview with GQ Korea, the K-pop idol-turned-actress opened up about her acting career. According to Seohyun, being an actress brings out hidden emotions she could not show when she is singing and acting.

The Girls' Generation member reflected on how she usually has to cover her emotions when promoting with the group and as a soloist. But since acting and performing are different, she finally learned more details about herself.

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"As a singer, I sing with emotion and I complete the performance with my facial expressions, gestures, and body language. Acting is a secondhand creation, based on what I, Seo Ju Hyun, have experienced. So in each moment I can express my feelings more honestly," she said.

The magazine asked her how she faces those emotions, making Seohyun explain how she tends to observe things she used to overlook before.

So in her daily life, she tries to confront those emotions and ensures she can cope with them.

Girls' Generation Seohyun Still Learns How to Love Herself

Seohyun indeed became a successful idol outside the entertainment industry. But as she tries to shift careers, she reportedly found some parts of herself she still does not like.

Despite that, she assured her fans that she was trying to accept them and love who she is.

"There are [parts of myself I don't like]. But because I'm human and it's a part of me, I try to love it. I think, 'Oh, I have this side of me' while accepting it," she went on.

Girls' Generation Seohyun will surely show more of herself soon as she tries a new historical drama with Kim Nam Gil and Lee Ho Jung.


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