Girls’ Generation Cancels Comeback Appearances: Here's Why

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

SM Entertainment announced the cancellation of Girls’ Generation’s comeback appearances after Seohyun tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, August 9.

Girls’ Generation has finally made their much-awaited comeback after the release of their seventh studio album, FOREVER 1, on August 5, with the single of the same name. However, after contracting the disease, Seohyun’s schedule is now on a hiatus.

SM Entertainment Announced Girls’ Generation’s Canceled Appearances

According to Soompi, Girls’ Generation has promotional activities this week, but they’re all cancelled after Seohyun comes out COVID-19 positive.

They’re supposed to appear on Mnet’s M Countdown on Thursday, August 11, and SBS’s Inkigayo on Sunday, August 14.

These appearances are set to be the first time they will once again promote together as a group after five years.

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In a statement, SM wrote,

Seohyun was diagnosed with COVID-19 today (August 9).
Therefore, Seohyun immediately halted all of her scheduled activities and is currently getting treatment and rest, and Girls’ Generation’s music show promotions that were scheduled for this week (M Countdown, Inkigayo) have unavoidably been cancelled. We ask for fans’ understanding.
Thank you."

Seohyun Apologizes to the Girls’ Generation Fans

Meanwhile, Seohyun couldn’t help but apologize to her and Girls’ Generation’s fans for being the reason for their appearances’ cancellation.

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In a post on her Instagram Stories, she said,

“SONE [Girls’ Generation’s fan club], who must have waited for our promotions more longingly than anyone… and my [Girls’ Generation] unnies [older sisters or female friends]… I’m sorry. I was healthy, so I didn’t think I’d get [COVID-19]… but in the end, I wound up catching it. I’m really so disappointed and feel so sorry… I’ll recover quickly, so let’s meet in good health on the day of next week’s music show!”

Fans React to Girls’ Generation’s Canceled Appearances

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Of course, fans can’t help but react and feel sad about their much-awaited appearances of Girls’ Generation together after five years.

In a discussion on The Qoo, via AllKpop, some said they’re hearts are heartbroken after looking forward to their comeback.

However, they have nothing but well wishes for Seohyun, asking her to get well and not to feel guilty.

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Others said,

"This is so annoying, we don't know when they will make a comeback again and I wanted to film them at 4K."
"This is so disappointing, COVID is so annoying."
"This is disappointing but I just want Seohyun to get better soon."
"We don't know when the members would be able to match their schedules again so I'm so sad."

Surely, Girls’ Generation will reunite again after Seohyun gets better.

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