BLACKPINK Lisa Reveals How Bad Her Hair Has Turned After Frequent Change of Hairstyles, Color

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa has tried every hair color there is, from blonde to pink to chestnut brown to copper and the list goes on. However, the frequent color change has taken its toll on her hair, as she revealed on her new vlog on her YouTube channel, LILI’s FILM.

Lisa took fans behind the scenes of her visit at the recent Paris Fashion Week. In the video, she showed how her team created her iconic hairstyles and the real situation of her hair behind her glamorous looks.


BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Recent Paris Fashion Week Attendance

Lisa attended two major fashion shows at Paris Fashion Week in June: CELINE and BVLGARI.

According to Koreaboo, she first prepared for BVLGARI‘s Eden, The Garden of Wonders jewelry collection event.

After she recalled how her fans complained about her short vlog post the last time, she tried to make it long this time by turning on her camera despite not wearing any makeup.


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She gave everyone a full look of her stunning natural look while her makeup artist was preparing and contemplating if she would ditch her signature bangs this time.

From there, she told a story about a fan who approached her at the airport and asked why her hair wasn’t growing.

This surprised Lisa, knowing she hadn’t cut her hair yet and was actually trying to grow her hair long.

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Later, her hair was cut by her stylist to fit her outfit for another fashion event for CELINE Paris. But aside from that, she revealed another reason why she had it cut this time.

The Reason Behind BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Haircut

Lisa admitted that he hair had become severely damaged after bleaching it a lot and the frequent changes of hairstyles.


Aside from the damage, it also caused her hair to grow slowly.

Sure, she was often pictured with the perfect hairstyle, but it was totally different from the real condition of her hair without any beauty products.

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This is not the first time that Lisa has talked about her hair damage.

She previously discussed it in an earlier vlog on LILI’s FILM. At the time, she showed her fans how damaged her hair was during the promotions of BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls.”

Lisa looked sad at how bad her hair had gone through but hoped her haircut could help it grow faster and become healthier.

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