Girl Power Dominates Marvel Pinball in New Update

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Marvel Pinball will see some powerful women in its new update.

The company revealed that the latest foray from developer Zen Studios will introduce a lot of female Super Heroes and Villains to fight epic battles in the game.

"Marvel's Women of Power pack brings together the mightiest female Super Heroes and Super Villains in the Marvel Universe in two amazing new tables. Combining a plethora of stellar Super Hero ladies from the Marvel Universe, the Marvel's Women of Power two-pack combines two tables starring Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Squirrel Girl, and more!"

The update will bring an alternate Soviet-dominated reality for the A-Force table. It will also introduce a new storyline which was all due to the destruction of a Cosmic Cube. Thus, the goal is to keep the Cosmic Cube balls alive using Black Widow and Madame Masque.

When playing the Champions table, fans will need to take on the persona of Ms. Marvel and fight off Bombshell. Players will also need to use the squirrel army to track down the enemy and use Spider-Gwen's webbing to pin down your enemies.

Players can get the Marvel's Women of Power two-pack for Marvel Pinball on consoles, PC, and mobile on Sept. 27. Check out some of the sweet sneak peeks of the table above.

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