02 Sep 2016 1:48 PM +00:00 UTC

Final Fantasy XV New Sneak Peek Shows Guns, Machinery Weapons & New Sniping System

A new sneak peek from the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump has showcased a page dedicated to new information about Final Fantasy XV.

Spotted by one Twitter user @Kazu4281 (translated by Gematsu), the leak shows some screenshots where Noctis and the gang use weapons while in battle.

Specifically, the photo on the upper left hand side of the page shows Noctis in sniping form. According to the report, this seems to be one of the weapons that will allow the player to go into snipe mode, as Noctis is doing.

While in this mode, players can aim and shoot at enemies who are at a good distance. They will be able to use a scope for easier aiming. From the description, it seems that the snipe mode is not available to all of the guns.

As far as the weapons are concerned, there will still be a range and variety of weapons offered. These will include pistols to rifles to allow for better long range shooting. Judging by how controlled the use of weapons is, it's possible that the developer is still aiming to have a good balance for the overall fighting system in the game.


In addition, there will also be some machinery, as first introduced in Final Fantasy VI. This will let players deliver shock wave attacks depending on what weapon is used. The Attract Wave will deliver a powerful shockwave. On the other hand, the Circular Saw will allow a rotating circular blade to deliver a great deal of damage.


The use of weapons may allow players some form of variety. This may also deliver a new way of fighting that's different from just the use of magic alone.

Final Fantasy XV will be available on the PS4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29.

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