(G)I-DLE Makes History by Topping Charts With Comeback Music Nxde



(G)I-DLE marked its highly anticipated comeback this year with a new album, I Love, which includes the now-hit single, Nxde, as the title track.

From September (G)I-DLE has already been hyping up its fans by dropping new teaser photos and clips. The sneak peeks for its track, Nxde, left fans in shock as the members appeared to be nude while posing for the camera.

They also rocked their red lips and blonde hair, seemingly bringing back Marilyn Monroe to the music scene.

Over a week after its release, (G)I-DLEcontinues to dominate worldwide charts with the lead single.

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(G)I-DLE Surprises K-pop Scene With Nxde

(G)I-DLE’s Nxde was written by the group’s leader, Soyeon, alongside Pop Time and Kako. The alternative pop track sampled Carmen’s Habanera, which was featured in George Bizet’s opera in 1975.

"A nude can be thought of as something obscene, but I thought it was more about the authentic self," Soyeon said.

The Korea Times recently compiled the milestones Nxde has reached so far.

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Per the news outlet, the lead single currently appears on top of three major streaming platforms in Korea — Melon, Bugs, and Genie. The girl group reached the milestone as of Sunday afternoon.

In addition, the official music video for the track already has 62 million views and currently stands on No. 3 trending videos under the music category.

In addition, I Love EP ranked first on the iTunes top albums chart, appearing in 40 regions worldwide.

Although it savors success, (G)I-DLE also became the center of an issue due to the song’s line distribution disparity.

(G)I-DLE Members Do Not Receive Equal Lines on Nxde

As fans noted, leader Soyeon sang most of the song, leaving the other four members with less exposure.

They criticized the leader for giving her members unfair treatment and using her power as a key producer and lyricist of the girl group to obtain most of the lines — singing the intro, outro, and rap parts.

The public assumed she sang almost half of the song and that she already did it in the past several times.

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