03 Oct 2018 11:40 AM +00:00 UTC

Get to Know Magic: The Gathering Pro Player Luis Salvatto in This Video

Wizards of the Coast

Argentinian Magic: The Gathering professional player Luis Salvatto is best known for winning the Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan with his Modern Lantern Control deck but did you know that he sold his chicken & cheese shop in his hometown of Lujan, Argentina so he can focus on his professional Magic career? 

This Enter the Battlefield video revealed that. Salvatto is considered to be the best Magic player in South America and it's easy to see why. The Argentinian finished the 2017-2018 season tied for first with Seth Manfield. Watch the documentary below: 

Salvatto's love for the best game in the world is clear. Giving up his business to focus on Magic isn't easy to do, and it looks he's already accomplished a lot. Besides winning Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan, Salvatto also finished Top 8 of Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad in 2016, and he has six Grand Prix Top 8's including a a win at Grand Prix Rotterdam 2016 alongside teammates Javier Dominguez and Marcio Carvalho. 

It's amusing to see a glimpse of a Magic pro player's life, and I hope we get to see more Enter the Battlefield videos focused on other pros in the near future. 

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