01 Oct 2018 3:00 PM +00:00 UTC

MTG Cartoon Shows Off A Quick Magic Arena Showdown

Screen capture: Wronchi/YouTube

"Why are you interviewing me about playing a Forest?"

YouTuber Wronchi is back with another sponsored Magic: The Gathering cartoon and this one was made to promote the open beta of Magic Arena. The video features Gerald and Nigel playing a fun game of Magic Arena. As expected, the game is quick and a bit chaotic. Watch the video below: 

The video feels more like an uninspiring video tutorial for Magic Arena minus the cool animations we've seen in the new digital game. There are some hilarious moments though like "Skilled Animator: Clearly Didn't Make This Video" but I actually enjoyed watching Wronchi's previous episodes more. It's cool that they added the Magic Arena layout here but I just think they could have done better. I still hope they continue making these videos but they better step it up. 

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