Get Ash’s Pikachu This Month For Pokemon Sun and Moon

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With Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! making the headlines, it was only a matter of time before Nintendo and Game Freak capitalized on the film for their games. Fans who have a copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon have the chance to get Ash's Pikachu from September 19 to October 30. Six different Pikachus will be given per week, each one wearing Ash's hat from a specific region.

In order to get one of these Pikachus, fans will have to tune into on the following dates to get a specific version of the series' mascot:


Keep in mind that the Pikachu downloaded will not have any special abilities or attacks. It will just have one of Ash's hats to signify how different it is from the regular ones that can be caught in the wild. Also, this only works for the current versions of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, so fans who have Omega Ruby and Omega Sapphire or X and Y are out of luck.


For those waiting for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, they can get an Ash Pikachu by watching the movie and scanning the QR code they get. Otherwise, they will have to wait for a special promo like this to get an anime version of the character. Watching the film will also give fans an exclusive trading card of Ash's Pikachu, which is a great reward for longtime fans.

Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! Will be premiering stateside on November 5 and November 6. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon are available on November 17 for the 3DS.

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