New Pokemon Movie Gets Its First U.S. Trailer

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A new English trailer has been released for Pokemon: I Choose You, which re-tells Ash and Pikachu's early adventures but it does stray from the original canon. The trailer highlights how the pair met, as well as other key moments they had such as how Ash stood between Pikachu and an angry flock of Spearows. We also get to see them encounter the legendary bird Pokemon Ho-Oh.

I'm not a huge fan of repackaging old content even if they changed some details, so I have no interest in seeing this one. The film is non-canon, and Brock and Misty are replaced by new companions in this one.

As confirmed in the trailer, Sarah Natochenny will voice Ash in the English version. She has voiced Ash since 2006, but some were hoping to see original voice actress Veronica Taylor to voice her for the new film.

Pokemon: I Choose You will have a limited theater run in U.S. theaters, and it's expected to be released on November 5 in America. It will eventually air on Disney XD.

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