George R.R. Martin Shares Interesting Update On The Winds Of Winter, A Dream Of Spring

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We already know that George R.R. Martin is struggling to finish the sixth novel of his A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Luckily, the Game of Thrones creator has shared an update on The Winds of Winter as well as its follow-up A Dream of Spring.

Martin was made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new novel Fire and Blood. The host teased the author by asking how he found time to write a 700-page Targaryen bible when he is supposed to be working on The Winds of Winter. Martin's response strongly suggested that Book 6 is still his number one priority.

The writer admitted that although he is going to work on a sequel to Fire and Blood, he needs to finish The Winds of Winter first. Martin then confessed that he will work on the final A Song of Ice and Fire book A Dream of Spring next before writing more Dunk and Egg stories.

This is certainly good news for fans who have been waiting for The Winds of Winter for way too long. Although Book 6 was the novel that was expected to be released this year, Martin managed to finish Fire and Blood before the highly anticipated novels. The author had previously shared that it was easier to complete the Targaryen history because TWOW had far too many characters to work with.

We're still not sure when Martin will actually release Book 6. However, it is likely to be published long after the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 8. The HBO show's final season has been confirmed to air in April 2019.

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