George R.R. Martin Gushes Over Neil Gaiman's The Sandman

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After years of anticipation, The Sandman has finally arrived on Netflix. Penned by legendary author Neil Gaiman with the same title, the latest Netflix show centers on Tom Sturridge's Morpheus, who also goes by the name Dream, and the titular Sandman as he navigates life returning to his chaotic realm after being captured in the human world.


George R.R. Martin Praises Neil Gaiman's The Sandman

Critics along with fans all over the world are enthusiastic about Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. Amazingly, it looks like another legendary author is a fan of Gaiman's latest work, and that is no other than Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin.


In a recent blog post by Martin, he revealed that Gaiman sent him an advance copy of the Netflix series and binged it "faithfully" while in quarantine. Sufficiently, it seems Gaiman acquired a new fan.

"Oh, and while in quarantine, Sid and I watched Neil Gaiman’s new show, THE SANDMAN. Neil had been kind enough to send up an advance copy. Guys, gals, don’t miss this. If you loved the comics, well, this is a VERY faithful adaptation, Neil saw to that. And if you never read the comic, don’t worry, not required, the TV series stands on its own. It’s a fabulous fantasy, and I hope it will run for many more seasons. There are, after all, many more issues of the comic to adapt."

It's absolutely delightful to know that Martin is a big fan of Gaiman's latest project. On top of that, it appears that the two are obviously good friends after Martin's revelation that Gaiman sent him a full copy of the series prior to its official release, meaning to say that he's probably one of the few lucky people handpicked by Gaiman himself to have a first look at the show. Now that Martin is a few days from the highly-anticipated release of HBO's House of the Dragon, did Martin also send Gaiman an advance copy?


Neil Gaiman Teases The Sandman Season 2

While fans are still in the dark whether Gaiman will develop The Sandman Season 2, it looks like the author is already eager to continue Dream's journey, particularly to do a rematch with Lucifer Morningstar (Gwendoline Christie) after the humiliating showdown in the first season, as he told Variety:

"I take too much f**king pleasure in saying to people who do not know anything about what's coming up in Sandman, "If we do Season 2, we're going to be having the rematch and Morpheus is going to be going back to hell. And Lucifer has some surprises in store that Morpheus is not expecting." And they are all like, "Ahh!" And I'm like, "Yeah, and I know how that's going to work, and you don't. And everybody who's ever read "Season of Mists" knows how that's going to work and you don't. But that's good because not everybody will have read "Season of Mists" and this is going to be so much fun."


Netflix hasn't yet announced an official release date for The Sandman Season 2. Meanwhile, The Sandman Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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