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The Sandman Star Boyd Holbrook Expresses Interest In Playing DC's Joker

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Boyd Holbrook is seemingly establishing a triumphant Hollywood career by playing notable antagonist roles throughout the years.

Starting from 2017's Logan, where he played Donald Pierce, he now moves forward by playing Corinthian in Neil Gaiman's latest series, The Sandman. Starring as the bad guy for both live-action comic book films, are there more comic book roles he is eager to play?

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Boyd Holbrook as DC's The Joker?

In a recent interview with Men's Health, Holbrook revealed that he is not particularly looking for another comic book character to play, but not until he remembered Batman's arch-nemesis, The Joker. See Holbrook's comment below:

"I just really want to play characters that are foreign to me. Selfishly, because that's where I get to get my point of view on a different culture, or a different perspective that's someone else's, that's not mine. I feel like The Sandman is pretty high on my bar. I'm never the kind of guy to be closed-minded like I'd never do that, I'd never do that....It really depends. I mean, I think now that we're talking, The Joker... that character seems to be endlessly reincarnated in an interesting way. Sometimes the anchor is fun, but usually those secondary characters are really great to play. There are just more keys on the keyboard."

Boyd Holbrook as Joker? That's certainly interesting. However, it seems that the likelihood of seeing him donning the Joker suit is highly unlikely, especially now that Matt Reeves introduced The Joker in the form of Barry Keoghan in the recent blockbuster The Batman. Nonetheless, DC must be taking notes now. Warner Bros. can undoubtedly give Holbrook another antagonist role, including Two-Face or Scarecrow.

David Holbrook on Bad Guy vs Good Guy Roles

In the same interview, he was asked if he prefers playing bad guy roles more than being the good guy. According to Holbrook, he is just actively looking for a distinctive role to play and doesn't really mind whether it is an antagonist or protagonist character.

"You know, I wish I was one of those actors who could just pick and choose everything that they wanted to work on. But a lot of the stuff I get, I audition for. Some things I’m offered. B.J. [Novak] did offer me Vengeance because I had a “wicked sense of humor” in Logan. It’s just really what comes. And also the type of filmmakers I want to work with. I would work with Jim Mangold, really, on any part that he had, because I know that that guy cannot make a bad movie, and a lot of people are going to see it. So, if I’m going to put a lot of time into figuring this out and figuring out how to embody that, you know, you want people to see it. So, it’s not that i have a this or that type of preference, it’s just what’s been happening. And I think now, after Indiana comes out, I think you’ll start seeing me do a lot of different things—because I’ve exhausted that aspect. After that, I mean, maybe if like a Bond villain came up, I would do that. But what else?"

The Sandman is available to stream on Netflix.


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