George Lucas Reportedly has a Cameo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Star Wars fans have come to know about the tradition of featuring the Wilhelm Scream in every movie from the galaxy far, far away. While the infamous record wasn't included in The Last Jedi, it looks like a new one reportedly comes from the creator himself.


According to a report from ABC NEWS, their sources told them that Episode IX contains a "deep audio Easter egg" of a "deep scream" with the voice of George Lucas. The clip is "affectionately" called "The George" and was originally recorded for the 1973 movie American Grafitti. The scream was also allegedly included in several movies like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as well as in The Last Jedi.

While Episode IX sound designers David Acord and Matt Wood did acknowledge that they used a special scream in the movie, they didn't reveal when the record could be heard and whether or not it was actually Lucas' voice. Wood also revealed that they used their own "calling card" in The Last Jediback in 2018, but it isn't clear if this was the Star Wars creator's voice.

If this report were to be confirmed, having Lucas make a cameo in the final installment of the Skywalker Saga really adds a cool touch to the film and having him be somewhat involved in the process again. It will certainly be a full-circle moment from him helming the first movie and having a cameo in the last one of the sequel trilogy. Star Wars fans would definitely be on the hunt for the said recording following this claim.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters now.


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