George Lucas’ Favorite Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode Was The Strangest

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been streaming its seventh batch of episodes these past few weeks, and now that the critically-acclaimed Star Wars animation it's approaching its finale, Star Wars fans are learning new details about the series.

The Star Wars Showjust recently featured a question and answer session that The Clone Wars creator George Lucas and showrunner Dave Filoni created for the show's production staff, and it looks like there were a whole lot of interesting reveals.

Apparently, Lucas was pretty hard on The Clone Wars team, pushing the production to make the movies the same way that he would do them.

"There's nothing forgiving," Lucas said, explaining the process behind making Star Wars for television. "We weren't making it for television, we were making it for the big screen. I said, ‘Think of this as a feature. Everything about it: Style, attention to detail, the lighting — everything is done at a feature level even though it's going on television.' Being young and impressionable, [Filoni] said ‘well you can't do that.'"

Lucas worked hard on The Clone Wars. The Star Wars creator's efforts were made apparent by the way the series improved over time.

During the interview, favorite episodes were named, and while Filoni liked the episodes that "were least like any of the movies" because of how they challenged to team to be more creative, Lucas favorite episode was "A Sunny Day in A Void" where R2-D2 Colonal Glascon and a fleet of droids find themselves crashing on the desert planet Abafar. The episode was one of experimental – something that fans wouldn't really expect for a Star Wars children series.

It looks like Lucas really enjoyed experimenting with Star Wars, which is why we shouldn't really fault directors like Rian Johnson and J.J. Abrams for wanting to try new things in their films.

Are you excited for the finale of The Clone Wars?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is currently streaming on Disney+.

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