Geoff Johns Confirms Donna Troy for DC Universe's Titans

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Titans has people talking, for better or worse. While the show could take people by surprise, the first trailer disappointed many by trying too hard to be edgy. Having Robin say "F**k Batman" was the moment fans turned on the show but they are still willing to give it a chance when it comes to DC Universe this October.

Despite the show's dark and gritty nature, Geoff Johns is promising fans that the series will be faithful to the comic books, particularly the Marv Wolfman and George Perez run of New Teen Titans. This was one of DC's best comic books at the time and is why the creative team were given the task to reboot the comic book universe with Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Speaking with CBR, Johns not only pointed out how the trailer isn't the full show but did reveal that a fan-favorite character would eventually make her way to the show; Donna Troy.

"Well, Donna Troy — Wonder Girl — you're going to see her. That's been rumored out there, I think, for a while…"

Donna has gone through a lot of codenames and retcons over the years so it will be interesting to see how the show introduces her. Wolfman and Perez did do a story that connected all of her previous histories but it would be great if the show doesn't bother doing that at all. Just give her a character and stick to it.

Titans will come out on October 12.

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