Geoff Johns Confirms a Classic DC Villain Will Haunt the JSA in Stargirl

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The DC Universe Stargirl series has a lot of people excited, featuring the fan-favorite character created by Geoff Johns and the Justice Society of America aka the JSA. The hype around the JSA has been at an all-time high recently, making a big return in the comics and are expected to appear in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam film. As if that wasn't enough to get excited about, Geoff Johns has confirmed that Solomon Grundy will appear in the show.

Johns confirmed the news to CBR, hyping up how the character is going to look and giving massive props to Zoic Studios, who animated Grundy for the series. Considering how we live in a world where King Shark and Gorilla Grodd have appeared in The Flash, hearing about Grundy is even more exciting. DC Universe shows have much bigger budgets than The CW so that seeing Grundy should be a treat.

Here's what Johns had to say about bringing the character to Stargirl:

"That's fun, knowing we have all these doors to open and cards to turn over and I can't wait for people to see our Solomon Grundy. Our Solomon Grundy's ridiculous! The visual effects house that's done all the work for Stargirl is Zoic Studios and Andrew Orloff is one of the founders of it. The work they put in there, their team blows us away every time we do a visual effects review. Every time they deliver anything, all the different characters and the world that we're tapping into, it's phenomenal work. I can't wait for people to see it, it's truly a cut above the norm."

Will Solomon Grundy automatically make Stargirl a good show? No. We still have to watch these episodes and hope that it does well. Crossovers with The CW are also expected since the cable network will air the show after it debuts on DC Universe. Either way, DC fans who want even more shows to watch should enjoy this.

Stargirl is expected to debut on DC Universe in Spring 2020.

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