Game Of Thrones was Almost Made Into an Animated Show Instead of HBO Series

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People might not be happy with the way that Game of Thrones concluded but there is little doubt that fans wouldn't change anything about the first seven seasons of the HBO series. But can you imagine what it all would have been like in animation? George R.R. Martin has confirmed that he was initially ready to approve an animated show before fate (or maybe the Lord of Light) stepped in.

The revelation comes from an old LiveJournal post where the A Song of Ice and Fire author (who was still very sociable back then) answered a fan question. When asked if there was ever an offer to turn the books into an animated series, Martin stated that he didn't just get one proposal.

"Yes. Often," Martin wrote. "In fact, one of the proposed feature deals I turned down before HBO was from a major animator."

Interestingly, Martin also shared that he was already preparing to go with the option. However, something happened.


"Odd thing is, I might have accepted that offer… I was on the fence… until an exec I was supposed to meet failed to turn up for a lunch we had scheduled to discuss their approach. I did get an apology, later… but being stood up pushed me off the fence back into 'No' land," Martin concluded.

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Credit: HBO

We're not sure if Martin is regretting that decision but considering that Game of Thrones is now one of the most-watched shows in television history, it may have been for the best.

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