Game of Thrones Season 7 May See Its Biggest Baddie to Date

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If you had to think of a sinister and sadistic villain in Game of Thrones, it's not hard for a few faces to pop up in your head.

Joffrey Baratheon is an old-time favorite; though he's long dead, it's still fun to watch the Purple Wedding scene. Tywin Lannister is just as bad, if only because he's the biggest thorn to Tyrion's side in so many ways and episodes. And the most recent would probably be Ramsay Bolton; sinister, sadistic, and simply psychotic--you name it, he is it.

For season 7, Game of Thrones may get a new baddie in the most surprising character: Euron Greyjoy. We've already known that he can be a bit of a pain in the ass, particularly the Greyjoy siblings and potentially for Dany herself. But actor Pilou Asbak warned fans that he will be a bigger villain than the dog-eaten bastard.


Speaking to Empire (via Express), Asbak revealed that he's been experimenting with the kind of psychotic approach that he would want to deliver for his character.

"He's really wanting to reflect the changeable, dangerous nature of the character in the next series, then--he's given himself a pretty villainous character to aim for. After this season, Ramsay's gonna look like a little kid."

Those are pretty big words, considering what Bolton has done in previous episodes. Iwan Rheon has been my favorite villain in Game of Thrones, because he knows how to hit the right notes of evil, contempt, and anger at the right moments. And that palpable lack of self-awareness makes him even more of a villain that he realizes.

So while the self-proclaimed king of the Salt Throne may be teasing this big villainous change in Euron Greyjoy, we'll have to see how he'll be able to live up to previous bad guys.

Game of Thrones will be back on HBO on July 16.

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