Game of Thrones Season 6 Will Feature Sides of Ramsay We’ve Never Seen Before

Ramsay Bolton is probably one of the most evil characters in Game of Thrones (in my opinion, second to Joffrey Baratheon). He's also pretty transparent. The first few episodes of the hit HBO series showing the character already established how much of a sadist and a psychopath he is. Everybody knows he tortures and kills people because he enjoys it. There's no surprises with Ramsay.

Well it turns out we haven't seen anything yet.

EW recently caught up with Iwan Rheon, who revealed that audiences will see completely different sides of his character. However, don't think he's turning into a good guy anytime soon.

Asked about season 6, Rheon describes how Ramsay will transform:

I get to do loads of different things and show sides to Ramsay that you haven't seen before. This season fills him out a bit. We pick up in the aftermath of last season when Sansa and Theon have escaped.
He's sheepish. His father is obviously not pleased. Without Sansa, he doesn't have a much power as having a Stark and an heir. Without her, he is not what he was. He's still sort of a bastard, really, even though he's been legitimized by another bastard – as Sansa rightly pointed out. And we start by finding out how Ramsay really felt about Myranda …

Rheon also explained how Ramsay will change in terms of taking more responsibility over his actions, specifically in killing and torturing people:

That's probably true. Ramsay is quite tactical though, too – and you'll see that in this season. You'll see him change a bit, and take his responsibilities more seriously.

As for the 30-year-old actor's impression on the script for Game of Thrones season 6, Rheon teased the clever writing done with the upcoming season. He said he's "excited," adding:

There is stuff that's pretty bleak. The writing is so clever, you get to play against what you usually do. The audience knows about Ramsay now, so you don't need to always be doing evil stuff. You can be really nice and that makes itmoresinister – and that's the fun thing to do with Ramsay. We're trying to play against what you know.

I must admit it's a good thing we're not seeing a "good side" of Ramsay this season. It would feel awkward that's for sure. I couldn't imagine the character having any redeeming qualities at all. I can't wait to see what these "other sides" to Ramsay Rheon is talking about in season 6.

Check out the full interview here.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 24.

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