Game Of Thrones: Jon Snow Wears Glasses With An Amazed Daenerys In Fun BTS Photo

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Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke have been in Game of Thrones ever since the first season, but it took seven years for their characters to finally meet on the show. The GOT official Twitter account just posted a photo of these two goofing around on set:

I absolutely love Dork Snow, and this will be another image of Harrington messing with modern day objects in costume. In past seasons, there was an image that leaked of Harrington in his Jon Snow garb fiddling with an iPod, and the internet received it graciously.

In the last episode, we finally got to see Daenerys and Jon meet for the first time, but both characters got off to a rocky start. Of course, this is something you could expect from both of them—the two have been through a lot, and it wouldn't be wise to pledge allegiances with strangers.


For now, Jon Snow is definitely the most experienced of the two. Daenerys may have conquered her way through the west, but she's done so by listening to advisers and using her dragons to threaten people. Jon has actually lived and died alongside all of his men.

So who deserves the Iron Throne? The girl who wants to claim it by birthright, or the man who has been selected by the people he serves?

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