Game of Thrones’ Final Season Has Pretty Lengthy Episode Runtimes

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones might only have six episodes to keep fans entertained, but the series is still definitely going out with a bang. The runtimes for the final batch of episodes for HBO's fantasy epic have finally made their way online, and it looks like we're getting a pretty lengthy run.

French magazine Premiere (via Cosmic Book News) claims to have Game of Thrones runtime info from a presentation from Orange Cinema Series and according to the publication, fans are in for a treat. The first two episodes of Game of Thrones season 8 are coming at 60 minutes each. The final four episodes of the series go beyond the one hour mark, crossing over to 80 minutes each.

These runtimes, however, are just a general length. The magazine notes that it's possible for HBO to release episodes slightly longer or shorter than the aforementioned 60-minute and 80-minute runtime.

"The exact length of each episode has yet to be announced by HBO, OCS just gave us a more precise idea," the publication wrote.

While HBO hasn't confirmed this information, Premiere magazine tried to add to the credibility of its report by tweeting that the runtime details come from the same network that airs Game of Thrones in France.

There's a lot of anticipation building over Game of Thrones. One of the biggest shows on television today, Game of Thrones is nearing its final season on HBO, and everyone expects a whole lot of blood-shed as Jon Snow (Kit Harrington), Daenerys (Emilia Clark) and all the others get ready to battle the Night King and his army of undead.

Game of Thrones season 8 premieres April 14, 2019, on HBO.

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