03 Nov 2020 11:43 AM +00:00 UTC

Game of Thrones Actor Says Sansa’s Rape Scene was ‘Worst Day of My Career’

While the finale of Game of Thrones is still in everyone's head, once upon a time it was one of the best shows on HBO. One particularly memorable villain is the endlessly nasty Ramsay Bolton played by Iwan Rheon; and while Ramsay did a lot of terrible things, Rheon considers one scene to be the rock bottom of his acting career.

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Talking to Metro (via Insider), Rheon says that he still feels bad about shooting the scene where Ramsay rapes Sansa. He says:

"That was horrible. Nobody wanted to be there. Nobody wants to do that, but if it's telling a story then you have to tell it truthfully… They didn't sensationalize it or anything. It was very, very hard watching. It's a horrible thing that happens, unfortunately… It was the worst day of my career."


Admittedly, a lot of people thought that it was a gratuitous scene as well, and though it was Sansa getting raped, it was made in the perspective of Theon/Reek reacting to the assault of his ‘sister.' Rheon continues:

"Chopping someone's finger off you don't really see it, and when you're doing like a close up, it's a piece of plastic. We're just acting, it's not real. Then something like that where you're in the actual reality of the situation is very difficult to deal with. It was a horrible, horrible day. This is something that we shouldn't even have to worry about, because it's something that shouldn't exist in this world but unfortunately it does."


Like all the other villains in the show, Ramsay eventually got what was coming to him, and Sansa was there to watch all of it go down. Though it may be harder for Rheon to get work now without shaking the image of Ramsay Bolton, he did give one hell of a performance, and managed to be one of the most fantastic villains during the height of Thrones' popularity.

For now, HBO is working on a Game of Thrones spinoff called House of the Dragon, and the show is planning to premiere sometime in 2022.

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