Gal Gadot Stars in 'Wonder Woman 1975' in Impressive Video

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Credit: DeepFaker


Forget about Wonder Woman 1984 for a moment. Let me ask you this: have you ever stopped and imagined how things would've turned out if Gal Gadot was already around in 1975 and actually starred in the iconic '70s Wonder Woman television series originally top-billed by Lynda Carter? I'm pretty sure you've thought about it at least once!


Speaking of, there's this impressive deepfake video that premiered earlier this month that is once again making the rounds all over social media and it features the DCEU's Amazonian Princess, played by Gadot in Carter's classic vibrant colors and somehow, it totally works. The "wonderful" fan-made video is pretty freaking realistic as well! Check out "Wonder Woman 1975" below: 




The OG Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter made a surprising appearance at last month's DC FanDome to express her admiration for Gal who has been inspiring women all around the globe with her modern-day portrayal of the iconic female DC superhero since 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now, this isn't exactly related to WW1984, but could you imagine how epic it would be if Lynda Carter actually appeared in the upcoming The Flash film alongside Michael Keaton's Batman? I wouldn't rule out the possibility since the film is still in its pre-production stages and after all, the upcoming Ezra Miller film will be tapping into the DC Multiverse. Now, that's something I'd be totally down to see!

Meanwhile, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 1984 is eyeing a Christmas day 2020 release.Also Read: Harley Quinn and King Shark Team Up in Wicked The Suicide Squad Artwork