Full Look at Optimus Prime's G-1 Redesign for the Bumblebee Movie

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With Michael Bay bowing out of the Transformers franchise with The Last Knight, Bumblebee promises to bring an all-new adventure featuring some of our favorite Autobots. The film is actually embracing the G-1 design of the characters from the 80s, and we have a good look at the new/old Optimus Prime.

Check him out:


via: Paramount Pictures

As you can see, the film has dropped the aesthetic of the previous movies and has given Prime and the rest of the Transformers a blockier feel. They've even managed to keep a lot of elements from the cartoon accurate, from the windshield chest to the ridiculously long gun Prime holds in one hand. He even has the matching Autobot symbols on his shoulders.

While the Michael Bay films do get a lot of trash, I do commend them for being able to bring Transformers to the big screen and proving that it's a viable franchise. Sure the films weren't any good, but if we didn't have them, then we wouldn't be looking at this sweet design of Prime right now.

Personally, I hope Bumblebee pulls a Star Trek 2009 and just takes place in its own alternate reality besides the Bay films. This opens up a lot of doors for the future, and we could get to see more of these retro style Transformers. If this holds up, maybe we can have a new look at Megatron too—and not the one that's been frozen for hundreds of years as well.

Catch Bumblebee in theaters Dec. 21.

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