Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained

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What makes Fruits Basket different from other series is that it features the Chinese Zodiacs. The story follows Tohru Honda, who discovers that her classmate, Yuki Sohma, and some of his family members turn into zodiac animals when they are hugged by the opposite sex (someone who is not possessed with the zodiac spirit), stressed, or weak.

Tohru was allowed to live with the Sohmas where she discovered a lot of things about them, including the curse and their unfortunate lives. She then decided that she wanted to help them break the curse. Before we get into how she was able to do it, who are the Zodiacs in the series?


1. Yuki–Rat

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 1

The rat is known as the first spirit of the Zodiac. Based on the hierarchy, it is the closest to God, which is Akito. Fans might have noticed that Yuki possesses some rat qualities like being smart and quick-witted.

2. Hatsuharu–Cow/ Ox

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 2

After the rat is the cow. Like Yuki, Hatsuharu has the qualities of the ox and even its physical attributes (he has white and black hair). Hatsuharu is known to be strong, patient, and kind. What makes his character interesting is that he has two sides, the white and the black that changes depending on his mood.

3. Kisa–Tiger

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 3

Kisa has the tiger spirit. Throughout the series, she had a great character development wherein she started as a shy and scared cub into a brave tiger. Tohru helped her to be confident and vocal about her feelings.

4. Momiji–Rabbit

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 4

As expected from the Rabbit spirit, Momiji is cheerful, full of energy, and cute. He is not afraid to voice out his opinion and makes sure that everyone is happy. His personality is full of life that will make anyone love him, even Tohru.

5. Hatori–Dragon

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 5

The interesting thing about Hatori is that his form is a sea horse. But when fans get to know more about him, they will understand that he is a dragon because of his fearless, kind, and charismatic personality. He also gives off authority and has a lot of confidence, which makes him the best person to be the family doctor.


6. Ayame–Snake

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 6

Ayame might be as devious as a snake, but he is charming. He is generous, smart, and works his way around with everything he wants. He might not be the ideal brother for Yuki, but he can handle responsibilities (he didn't become a school president for nothing).

7. Rin–Horse

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 7

Like a horse, Rin is free and a bit wild. She is not afraid to do what she thinks is right. She is independent and sensitive. Although she might be impatient and scared to trust others, she is brave and loyal to those who won her over.

8. Hiro–Sheep / Goat

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 8

Hiro might be a brat most of the time, but he is a good kid. He shows a lot of care and affection towards his mom and Kisa. He didn't like Tohru at first because of her relationship with Kisa, but eventually, Hiro understood why Kisa loves Tohru.

9. Ritsu–Monkey

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 9

While most of the possessed members have the same personality as their spirit animals, that is not the case with Ritsu. The monkey is known as active and energetic but Ritsu is shy. He always apologizes for everything and often makes mistakes.

10. Kureno–Rooster

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 10

Kureno rarely sees the other Zodiac members because his curse was broken when he was still young. Despite that, he stayed by Akito's side. He is composed, hardworking, and quiet, maybe because he is used to observing everything around him.


11. Shigure–Dog

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 11

Shigure got some qualities of the dog spirit. He is playful, carefree, generous, and fun. Although he has some bad qualities, Shigure is one of the zodiacs that Tohru is comfortable with, considering that she is living in his house.

12. Kagura–Boar/ Pig

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 12

Kagura has the physical strength of a boar. She can easily kick or punch Kyo without hassle. She is also loyal and will do everything she can to achieve her goal. She can be generous too, especially to those she loves.

13. Kyo–Cat

Fruits Basket: Who Are the Zodiacs Explained 13

Although the cat is not an official spirit, Kyo is still possessed by the Cat spirit. His personality is very close to a cat. He always lounges around the house, has a short temper, and even dislikes water. But just like any cat, Kyo is loyal. He will have their back no matter what happens.

Think that Tohru should have been with Yuki instead of Kyo? Here are some reasons that we agree with that.

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