Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 12 RELEASE DATE and TIME, Countdown

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Fruits Basket Season 3 has managed to hit an impressive 9.05/10 in MyAnimeList, becoming the current #8 in popularity, and not without good reason! Though short, at only 13 episodes and with no part 2 or Season 4 to speak of, the Final is a masterpiece in more ways than one, and Episode 11, in particular, was nearly perfect!

The slice of lifeshojo anime has brought us so many moments of joy and tears, so it only felt deserved that the newest episode is one of resolution and relief. With Akito no longer a threat, the zodiac curse finally explained, and a very satisfying relationship status, there's little left to want - but Fruits Basket is unique in that it treats none of these as a guarantee of a happy ending, only of uncertain new beginnings, full of lessons. That's why it's so worth watching (and re-watching, and re-watching).


But while nearly every plot thread has been tied, Yuki is still unaccounted for, so we expect Episode 12 to focus on him quite a lot. Can't wait for that? Keep reading. Below you'll find our handy guide with all you need to catch up first, including the release date and time of Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 12, and more!

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

Warning: If you have yet to watch Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 11, you might want to skip to the next section: there will be spoilers below.

To be fair, manga fans had this relationship update coming, but I have to admit I still cried. Tohru, who doesn't think Kyo wants to be with her, runs away from him right after being discharged from the hospital since she doesn't want him to see her cry. But Kyo's training has not been for nothing, and he's quick to catch up with her and confess that he also loves her and wants to stay with her.

The couple kisses and Kyo asks if he can hug her, still self-conscious about the fact that he'll turn into a cat if he does so. Tohru happily accepts, only to realize that his curse is gone; apparently, this has happened because Akito consciously decided to let go of all zodiac members. Scary as it seems, she's ready to stop being "god" and start living as herself.

Kisa, Ritsu, Hatori, Ayame, Rin, and Shigure all realize that their curses have broken. Each former zodiac member reacts differently but for most of them, relief is mingled with grief; the bonds they took for granted are gone. Akito's possessiveness was the source of most of their problems, but with that gone, they must make their own way into life, and this is going to be a lonely and uncertain process.


While this is happening, we learn the background of the legend the curse is associated with; a lonely god once lived on a hill, mistrusting humans, and only having a cat as their friend. The god then decided to invite 12 more animals, the other zodiac members, and they happily held banquets together. Sadly, the cat was the first to ail and die. Devasted, the god forced the cat and all the other animals to drink a liquid that tied them all together with eternal bonds, so that they could keep holding banquets together no matter how many times they reincarnated.

The dying cat rebuked the god, telling them that it did not wish for eternity. Instead, the cat hoped to reincarnated and meet a changed god, who would be happy interacting with humans as well and enjoy the light of day, rather than hiding from the world. The god misinterpreted the cat's words, taking them as rejection, so they and the other animals shunned the cat forevermore.

It took a painfully long time, but the cat finally got its wish.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 12 will be released next Tuesday, the 22nd of June 2021. Other timezones, including the US/Canada and Europe, will be able to watch the episode on Monday, June 21.

Non-premium Funimation users will have to wait a week longer for the newest episode, until June 29, while those using Crunchyroll might have to wait a bit longer.


Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 12 Release Time

We are expecting Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 12 to air at around 1.30 AM JST on June 22. If this timeline remains correct, Episode 12 should air in different time zones at or around the following times:

Pacific Time: 9:30 AM (June 21)
Central Time: 11:30 AM (June 21)
Eastern Time: 12:30 AM (June 21)
British Time: 6:30 PM (June 21)

Fruits Basket Anime Season 3 Episode 12 Where to Watch


Fruits Basket Seasons 1 and 2 are currently available on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation in Japanese with English subtitles and in other languages. In the former, the Japanese subtitled version of Season 3 is currently being Simulcast with episodes releasing at around the same time as in Japan.

Funimation is home to the dubbed version of Fruits Basket Season 3, and the episodes air weekly alongside the Japanese ones. The entire season 3 will hopefully make it to Hulu after completion.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 12 COUNTDOWN

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date


You can watch Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 12 online with English subs or in English dub in just over three days if you're subscribed to Crunchyroll on Funimation respectively. And if you're looking for other great anime likeFruits Basket, there are several works for you to check out.

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