FromSoftware Insider Is Wrong About PC Bloodborne/A Remaster

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Bloodborne promo
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For Bloodborne fans, rumors are all there is, unfortunately. Lately, a few rumors about Bloodborne have been making the rounds. The most scandalous and damning rumor comes by way of a notable FromSoftware insider claiming he has not heard even a whisper about Bloodborne work going on at the studio for years. This is a much more complicated claim than it seems, and it actually doesn't mean a Bloodborne remaster or PC port isn't coming. In this article, we'll explain what's going on.

FromSoftware Industry Insider Comments

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There are a number of leakers and notable insiders in the FromSoftware gaming world. Not all are reliable in all cases, but many have proven themselves capable of delivering good information. One such leaker goes by the name Omnipotent.

Omnipotent has leaked accurate information about Elden Ring, and he says he's heard stuff about FromSoftware's work on a bunch of different projects over the years, including Sekiro, Dark Souls Remastered, and even other games like Metal Wolf Chaos and Deracine.

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Recently, he's been in the news again for some comments he made about Bloodborne on the ResetEra forums. He prefaces his comments with the idea that anything's possible in the FromSoftware world, and he does acknowledge that if FromSoftware was ever going to go back to an old IP, it seems likely it would be Bloodborne.

However, Omnipotent continues to say that in all his time as an insider he has never heard about anything being done with Bloodborne from a sequel to a remaster to a PC port to even a patch. He says he's never heard a word, at least a word from a reliable source.

Essentially, Omnipotent is saying that he thinks it's unlikely, though possible, that there's anything in the works that's Bloodborne-related over at FromSoftware. This idea contrasts the sustained rumors, leaks, and speculation over years that Bloodborne is, at least, coming to PC and will be ported to PS5.

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However, Omnipotent's insight here doesn't actually suggest that Bloodborne content isn't coming. If you follow the industry, you'll know video game development is a little more complicated than just what's happening at one particular studio.

Why PC/PS5 Bloodborne Will Still Happen

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It's only natural that Omnipotent hasn't heard the tiniest, fleeting whisper about Bloodborne from FromSoftware, because FromSoftware is not going to develop any future Bloodborne content. While FromSoftware did create Bloodborne, like Demon's Souls, it's wholly a Sony IP.

This means that without Sony's go-ahead, FromSoftware couldn't do anything with Bloodborne. And even if Sony gave them the go-ahead, it's unlikely such a big, prestigious, and ambitious studio would want to devote years of work to a remaster of an exclusive, last-generation game after they've already remastered their most popular game, Dark Souls, and Sony has had their oldest Souls game, Demon's Souls, remade.

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It doesn't make a ton of sense as a creative or business decision, so one could only reasonably expect to hear nothing about Bloodborne from FromSoftware. However, there are studios and places you could look towards for possible Bloodborne information.

For example, Sony recently acquired Bluepoint Games. This studio recently remade Demon's Souls, getting their feet wet with the FromSoftware engine alongside modernizing it, and now they're working on an original game on top of another remake/remaster.

Sony owns the Bloodborne IP. Sony owns the Demon's Souls IP. Sony tasked Bluepoint Games with remaking Demon's Souls for PS5, and the studio did such a good job on the project (alongside their other work with Sony on games like the Nathan Drake Collection or the Shadow of the Colossus remake) that Sony purchased the studio.

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It makes a lot of sense that while Sony gives Bluepoint the resources and support they'll need to make an original game, which no doubt the staff of the studio is excited to do, Sony also gives Bluepoint a smaller project to work on that's sure to be a reliable success.

This smaller project could very well be Bloodborne, and the development of this project would have nothing, really, to do with FromSoftware. Accordingly, Omnipotent wouldn't know anything about these plans. So his comments can be true while still not actually suggesting Bloodborne content isn't on the way.

Other Recent Bloodborne News

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In other news, former Sony President and current Sony executive Shuehei Yoshida recently tweeted about the last five games he's played. He listed Horizon: Forbidden West, Genshin Impact, Sifu, an unreleased puzzle-action game, and lastly, an unreleased Soulslike.

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Yoshida went on to clarify that the unreleased Soulslike was not Elden Ring. This means that Yoshida was referencing not just an unreleased game, in all likelihood, but an unannounced game as well, as there wouldn't be much reason to omit the name of a game the public knows is coming out.

On one hand, if a Sony executive is playing an unannounced Soulslike, this could very well be the rumored Bloodborne port or even a totally new IP from FromSoftware set to be a PS5 exclusive like Bloodborne was for PS4 or Demon's Souls was for PS3.

On the other hand, Yoshida works with indie games primarily, nowadays, and there are many different indie game Soulslikes that he could be playing. In fact, there are many popular indie game Soulslikes that it would make sense a Sony executive might play as it's being worked on.

We can't know for sure, right now, but it's good information to keep in mind.

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