Need More Squid Game? Squid Game as Video Game or Real Game Is Here

Squid Game still
Credit: Netflix

Squid Game still
Credit: Netflix

Squid Game fans rejoice! Squid Game has already happened in real life and has been made into a video game all in the same year it was released thanks to content creators on YouTube. If you haven't been following along with Squid Game news, don't worry because in this article we'll tell you everything you need to know about the Squid Game adaptations out there.

More Official Content From Netflix

Squid Game still
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Credit: Netflix

The good news is that more official Squid Game content is probably coming, but the bad news is that when and how this is going to happen is still uncertain.

For example, Netflix is currently in talks to produce another season of Squid Game; however, even if these talks go extremely well and everything gets the official go-ahead, it will still be years before another season is actually released.

Netflix has also gone on record to say that they're looking into Squid Game in the context of their foray into the gaming market. In recent years, Netflix has been getting more serious about video games, working on developing games of their own, so Squid Game may fold into this, too.

Once again, though, there isn't a timeline for an official Squid Game game or even an official confirmation one is actively in development at the moment. And as far as actual Squid Game games go, don't expect Netflix to be kidnapping any random people to ferry off to a remote island for a shadowy competition anytime soon, either.

Squid Game in Real Life: The MrBeast Game Story

MrBeast Squid Game
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Credit: MrBeast / YouTube

The premise of Squid Game is simple: 456 random indebted people are selected to participate in a violent series of children's games for the chance to win millions of dollars and pay off their debts.

There's a gladiator combat-esque fascination with these types of high-risk, high-reward games, so many have wondered if these competitions could ever happen in the real world.

YouTuber MrBeast has answered the call, perfectly recreating each game from Squid Game, including a meticulous recreation of each set that reportedly cost over $3.5 million altogether, with 456 random subscribers competing to win $456,000.

While MrBeast doesn't actually have anybody killed for YouTube views, and while the sum of the prize money is lower than it was in the actual show, the games are the same and the sets look absolutely incredible, which have already got the video over 110 million views in just a few days.

If you're looking to see what a Squid Game would look like IRL, look no further. (Plus, if you'd to see Squid Game recreated in Minecraft by MrBeast with famous Minecrafters like Dream, Sapnap, and TommyInnit, he's got that video, too, though players only compete for $45,600.)

Crab Game: The Squid Game of Games

Crab Game screenshot
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Credit: Dani

YouTubers don't just create elaborate sets and film videos that cost millions of dollars and involve hundreds of people, they also make video games, too.

Content creator Dani saw the popularity of Squid Game and was inspired to make a masterpiece of his own, Crab Game. Uploaded partially as a joke, because the game was a crude and simple adaptation of Squid Game he made extremely quickly, the game blew up online.

Famous content creators and fans of Squid Game alike started playing the game, and on both YouTube and Twitch the game racked up millions of views after its release. Like a Fall Guys or Among Us style experience, Crab Game isn't graphically beautiful or mechanically complex, it's just a fun, silly time.

If any of that sounds intriguing to you, you can check out Dani's Making Of Crab Game video where he goes through the whole process of actually making the game, or you can hop onto Steam (where it has nearly 100,000 'Very Positive' user reviews) and download the game itself for free.

The game pits players against each other in a series of children's minigames until there's only one player left standing, so don't expect much beyond the actual Squid Game concept.

Still Need More Squid Game Content? Don't Worry

Alice in Borderland promo
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Credit: Netflix

If you've seen the YouTube videos, played Crab Game, and had your fill of the actual show, don't worry, because there's still content out there that can scratch the Squid Game itch.

First and foremost, there's another Asian Netflix original show produced and created in recent memory about a series of brutal games unsuspecting average people are forced to play in order to return to their normal lives: Alice in Borderland.

This show has many similarities to Squid Game, and after Squid Game's release, the show has seen even more success as many Squid Game fans check out the show after watching Squid Game, looking for more of the same magic. It's got a second season officially coming, too.

If that's not your thing, the creator of Squid Game has talked about some of the influences behind Squid Game which include the famous Japanese movie Battle Royale alongside Liar Game, a manga that eventually became a television show.

Neither of these are perfectly analogous to Squid Game, but the general tone and style of these works can definitely be seen once again in Squid Game, so if you don't mind a looser connection to Squid Game, both are worth checking out!

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