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From News & Updates: Stephen King Endorses Chilling Supernatural Series That Keeps Viewers on the Edge

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Renowned horror author Stephen King recently took to Twitter to express his enthusiasm for the second season of the spine-chilling science fiction/horror series, From.

King commended the show's captivating concept and intriguing characters, fueling speculation and theories among his followers.

From, which premiered in February 2022 and is currently airing its second season, follows the inhabitants of a mysterious middle American city. Anyone who enters this eerie town becomes ensnared, forced to contend with nocturnal supernatural creatures that dwell within the surrounding forest.

"I'm three episodes in. Wonderful concept, beautifully handled," King wrote on Twitter.

"Is it possible these people are dead and don't know it? That spike through the head…holy cow."

King's theory that the characters may be trapped in limbo adds an exciting dimension to the show, prompting comparisons to other supernatural series.

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From: A Pleasant Surprise for Audiences

While From has yet to gain a massive following, those who have delved into its dark depths have been both pleasantly surprised and thoroughly horrified by its unique premise and haunting atmosphere. The show draws favorable parallels to Lost, another supernatural series that captivated audiences with its intriguing premise and imminent sense of doom.

From shares more than just thematic similarities with Lost. Harold Perrineau, a regular on Lost, leads the talented cast of From as the self-appointed sheriff and mayor of the Township, Boyd Stevens. Jack Bender, known for his involvement in Lost, serves as an executive producer and director for From.

The series also benefits from the expertise of writers and producers Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Jeff Pinkner, both of whom worked on Lost.

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Unraveling Mysteries and From Season 2 Resolutions

From has been receiving widespread acclaim, boasting a remarkable 98 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, coupled with an 85 percent audience score. The enigmatic guards patrolling the woods around the Township instill a constant sense of unease.

However, it is the series' ability to transform these creatures into horrifying human forms, complete with nightmarish smiles reminiscent of the cult horror film Smile, that truly makes viewers squirm.

From successfully keeps its audience guessing, leaving them with burning questions after the thrilling Season 1 finale. However, the series demonstrates its creative prowess by gradually unraveling some of these mysteries and delivering satisfying resolutions throughout its gripping second season.

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