Yellowstone News & Update: Arnold Schwarzenegger Eager to Ride Into Yellowstone Territory

Credit: Graham Bensinger/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Graham Bensinger/YouTube Screenshot

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic action star, has expressed his desire to make his mark on the Yellowstone franchise.

The riveting modern Western, known for its captivating storyline centered around the powerful Dutton family, may soon welcome the formidable presence of the Terminator himself.

Schwarzenegger's Yellowstone Dreams

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Schwarzenegger was asked about his interest in joining Yellowstone, and his response was filled with enthusiasm. Having been greatly impressed by creator Taylor Sheridan's work, Schwarzenegger eagerly expressed his willingness to be part of the star-studded drama led by Kevin Costner.

It seems that the allure of Yellowstone has proven irresistible to mainstream actors, with Matthew McConaughey already signing up for a sequel spinoff and Harrison Ford set to star in 1923. Schwarzenegger's response reflects his admiration for the show and his eagerness to be part of its success:

"Absolutely! I think Taylor Sheridan is very talented. And the cast on Yellowstone is phenomenal. Today, I see much more of other people's performances than I did in the '80s, when I was only seeing myself. I was thinking: 'I have to win.' It was a competition against Sly, against others. 'I have to be number one.'"

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Uncertain Future for the Franchise

While the future of the Yellowstone franchise remains uncertain, with news of Kevin Costner's departure, it appears that the forthcoming conclusion of Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 might mark the end of the original series. This development poses potential obstacles to Schwarzenegger's aspirations.

Fortunately, the finale does not necessarily spell the end of the Yellowstone universe. McConaughey's upcoming sequel show provides another avenue for future stars to enter this captivating world.

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A Universe Beyond the Duttons

Additionally, there is still a vast family history of the Duttons waiting to be explored in other spinoffs. With the Duttons having dominated Montana for over a century, there is ample opportunity for Schwarzenegger to make his presence felt and potentially secure a leading role in these future endeavors.

Furthermore, the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff, 6666, offers another enticing gateway for Schwarzenegger to enter the franchise without being tethered to the Dutton name. Set in Texas, this new show provides a fresh backdrop and introduces a whole new ensemble of characters.

For Schwarzenegger, 6666 could be the perfect opportunity to join the Yellowstone universe, allowing viewers to suspend disbelief without questioning his sudden appearance.

As the Yellowstone franchise sets its sights on uncharted territories, fans eagerly await the possibility of witnessing the indomitable Arnold Schwarzenegger stepping into this Western world.

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