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Were Frieren and Himmel in Love? Their Relationship Explained

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Were Frieren and Himmel in Love
Credit: Madhouse

No character showcases Frieren: Beyond Journey's End's themes of friendship, love, and loss better than Himmel, but were Frieren and Himmel in love?

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Was Frieren in Love With Himmel?

Frieren had strong feelings for Himmel that could be interpreted as romantic, although they'd be just as powerful if they were platonic.

For much of their ten-year journey, Frieren was rather cold toward Himmel and her other companions, failing to understand how important the years of adventuring were for them.

After one last adventure that culminated in Himmel's death of old age, Frieren is more shaken than she or anyone else could expect.

Despite initially seemingly cold and unfeeling during the funeral, she couldn't witness Himmel's burial without crying.

Frieren is devastated when she finally understands that she no longer has the opportunity to spend time with Himmel and she laments knowing so little about him.

Fireren and Himmel
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Credit: Madhouse

The anime does not explicitly mention whether her feelings for him were romantic, but he was definitely an important person in her life and she thinks of him often.

The heartbreaking finality of Himmel's death is what inspires Frieren to start getting to know humans.

For some fans, this is enough to ascribe romantic feelings to Frieren where the Hero is concerned.

Others feel that platonic emotions would be an equally important motivator.

What About Himmel? Did He Love Frieren?

Did Himmel Love Frieren
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Credit: Madhouse

Once again, Himmel's feelings for Frieren may or may not have been romantic. Certain interactions on his part can be interpreted as flirty, however, and he was warm towards her despite her apparent coldness.

Himmel always included Frieren in any plans that involved their party and he seemed interested in whatever she was doing next.

Even though she didn't think much of the dragon horn she entrusted to him, he always treasured it as a gift from an important friend.

In a flashback, Himmel expresses the wish to show Frieren his favorite flowers, which can seem romantic, though not necessarily in an erotic way.

Were Frieren and Himmel Ever Together? Relationship Explained

Frieren and Himmel's Relationship
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Credit: Madhouse

Frieren and Himmel never ended up together and the first four episodes of the anime don't show any indication of either of them having had romantic lives.

Many readers believe that Himmel had feelings for Frieren. If this is the case, Frieren might have also felt similarly, but she was not at all in tune with her feelings.

Ultimately, Frieren is not a romance anime. It is a high-fantasy anime about the feelings of love (platonic or otherwise), grief, and hope that make us who we are.

But the case remains that Frieren left a lot unsaid when Himmel died, so, hopefully, the anime will give her a chance to make it up to him – and herself.

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