The Biggest Facts About the Demon King in Frieren You Should Know About!

The Biggest Facts About the Demon King in Frieren That You Should Know About!
Credit: Madhouse

The Biggest Facts About the Demon King in Frieren That You Should Know About!
Credit: Madhouse

In every isekai, adventure, and fantasy anime, the Demon King holds a very significant role in the order of peace and chaos in the world. The same goes for Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, where the Demon King is a looming threat that’s about to wreak havoc against humanity. But who is the Demon King in Frieren?

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Who Is the Demon King in Frieren?

So far, both the Frieren anime and the manga series have yet to reveal the real name of the Demon King. He remains a figure of mystery who stands at the very top of the demon hierarchy.

Like most demon kings in other anime shows, Frieren’s Demon King has exceptional abilities and an army that’s ready to defend his name, pride, and glory against all humanity.

The existence of the Demon King has always been a problem for the Hero’s Party, or even Frieren’s Party.

Throughout Frieren’s journey to Aureole, the Demon King has always been mentioned by their enemies and even the people who are concerned about their safety.

In the past, the Hero’s Party, led by Himmel, had a pretty difficult time defeating the Demon King.

Not much is known about their struggle, but Himmel mentioned some time ago that a lot had happened in the Demon King’s castle, indicating a long and difficult fight.

What Are the Demon King’s Powers and Abilities?

What Are the Demon King’s Powers and Abilities in Frieren?
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Credit: Madhouse

Unfortunately, the Demon King’s powers and abilities are kept under wraps in Frieren. But we can assume that he is a highly exceptional ruler who holds the most power, control, and reign among all the demons.

We can also assume that he has immense mana, greater than all of his subordinates. He might also be a skilled warrior, given how he appears to wear a full-plated armor in one of the manga panels in Frieren.

Some of the Biggest Facts About the Demon King in Frieren

The Demon King has yet to show his true powers and abilities in Frieren, but here are some of the biggest facts about him that might interest you!

  • Like most demons in Frieren, the Demon King has two horns on his head!
  • The Demon King is the primary target of the Hero’s Party, which includes Frieren, Himmel, Heiter, and Eisen, during their one-decade quest to save the world.
  • He lives in a castle located in Ende.
  • He can’t feel human emotions, so he strives hard to understand their nature, like Macht of El Dorado, the strongest demon sage of destruction.
  • He is powerful enough to earn the fealty of all the demons, including his generals and the Seven Sages of Destruction.
  • He is successful in fostering order among all demons.
  • He desires coexistence between humans and demons. However, he is the embodiment of the saying that the end justifies the means.
  • He reduced mankind’s population and influence after trying to understand their nature through mass killing.
  • He was the one who ordered the massacre of Frieren’s village, which led to Frieren’s encounter with the Great Mage Flamme.
  • During the Demon King’s prime, a lot of powerful mages can be seen leisurely walking on villages inhabited by humans, but not until he is taken down by the Hero’s Party.
  • After the Demon King was defeated, almost all of his high-ranking subordinates disappeared from the face of the world.

As Frieren and her party head to Aureole, more information about the Demon King will be revealed. Perhaps we may also witness the actual fight that happened between the Hero’s Party and the Demon King years ago!

For now, expect to read more news and information about Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End!

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