Frank Miller's Superman: Year One Gets a Brand-New Cover

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Credit: DC Comics

We are all still waiting for Frank Miller and John Romita Jr's Superman: Year One, which is going to be one of the biggest titles that will hit DC's Black Label comic book line. The series was announced last year and has yet to come out, though we have seen some preview art and a cover for the first issue.

However, Bleeding Cool has discovered a new cover for the series, though it might be for the collected edition aka the graphic novel. It's from Miller himself, giving us a neat Superman who has his back turned and is taking off his trench coat in a dramatic fashion. If it's a graphic novel cover, it will definitely catch everyone's attention.

Though Miller provides art for the covers, he will only be writing the series while John Romita Jr illustrates the comic. Romita Jr is no stranger to "Year One' style stories, illustrating the Man Without Fear mini-series (also written by Miller) that details the origins of Matt Murdock before he becomes Daredevil.

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Credit: DC Black Label

Fans were surprised to see Miller write a Superman story since many assumed that he despised the character after Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. He turned the big blue boy scout into a government lapdog, which resulted in a now-iconic fight with some visual imagery that still gets a ton of homages today.

Superman: Year One still has no release date.

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