24 Sep 2019 5:33 PM +00:00 UTC

Fox Twitter Account Flirts With Other Networks After Potential Hacking

Disney might own most of the film and television assets of 21st Century Fox now that its completed its acquisition, but it seems like a hacker's manage to take control over the social media arm of what little is left at Fox.

Fox TV's Twitter account is sending out some flirty posts on social media as of late, and netizens can't help but wonder whether Fox TV has been hacked. Fox TV has been sending out some frisky messages to different networks and streaming accounts on Twitter, leaving its followers a tad bit confused.

"It's about time I got a makeover! What do you think?" Fox TV tweeted out, raising eyebrows in equal parts confusion and cringe. The tweet came with a winky emoticon, making netizens wonder whether Fox TV was being hacked by a frisky teenager or whether the tweet was part of one of the network's marketing agenda.

After the makeover tweet, Fox TV sent out tweets to the Twitter accounts for other networks like The CW, CBS, NBC, HBO, Hulu, Abc, 20th Century Fox (now owned by Disney), as well as Netflix. Most of Fox TV's tweets to these accounts are tongue-in-cheek references to the different networks.


Fox TV tweeted out "this isn't us, but I guess we can still be friends!" to NBC as a reference to the network's shows This Is Us and Friends. It also ABC if it would accept a rose as a reference for The Bachelor. Then it went out and tweeted at 20th Century Fox, calling the network an "old friend."

Could this be a sick hacker's joke? Or is this part of a new series? Let's wait and see.

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