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Former NU'EST Leader JR Signs With New Entertainment Agency

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The good news is greeting fans of NU’EST, and now, the former leader of the group, JR (Kim Jonghyeon), has confirmed to join hands with Evermore Entertainment.

On May 16, Evermore Entertainment announced that they had signed an exclusive contract with Kim Jonghyeon, officially recruiting him as a new artist.

The entertainment agency also released new profile images to welcome the singer-songwriter officially.

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JR Joins New Entertainment Agency After NU’EST Disbandment

Evermore Entertainment houses AIVAN, Voisper, Bursters, Hello Stranger, and S.L.K

Now successfully recruiting JR, Evermore Entertainment plans to support his endless talents and help him grow as a strong artist who will further showcase more of his colorful artistry.

After NU’EST’s disbandment a day before its 10th anniversary, lots of fans felt emotional seeing their favorite group bidding their farewell.

Minhyun and Baekho renewed their contracts, while Aaron, JR, and Ren cut their ties with Pledis Entertainment to pursue their own endeavors.

In an official statement, Evermore Entertainment said, “We are happy to be with Kim Jonghyeon. In the future, we will provide full support to develop his capabilities in various fields in the industry. We will also support his wish to be a good actor and solo artist.”

“Please continue supporting and cheering for Kim Jonghyeon, who is starting a new leap forward in his dreams.”

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JR And His Career With NU’EST

Kim Jonghyeon, known for his stage name JR, debuted as the leader of the Pledis Entertainment boy group NU’EST in 2012. He has led the team with his extraordinary leadership and was greatly admired by global fans.

As he appeared on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2, JR has actively shown off his leadership skills, hence receiving the monicker “nation’s leader.”

Additionally, JR has performed steadily in various fields in the entertainment industry. He had participated in Kdramas and has effortlessly captivated the public’s eye by moving back and forth between his innocent image and serious charm.

On March 15, 2022, NU'EST released its final album, Needle & Bubble, with two new tracks and re-recorded versions of their previous hits. Earlier May, Ren signed an exclusive contract with Big Planet Made.

Meanwhile, huge expectations surround Kim Jonghyeon and his decision to sign an exclusive contract with Evermore Entertainment.

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Stay tuned for the latest news and updates about former NU’EST leader JR!

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