20 Sep 2019 2:19 PM +00:00 UTC

Former Game Of Thrones Star Sean Bean Is Refusing Roles Where His Character Will Die

It seems like seeing Sean Bean being a part of a film or a TV series is already a major spoiler. After all, the former Game of Thrones star has a tendency of dying in almost anything he has ever worked on. With that in mind, Bean has confirmed that he is now refusing to work on a project if his character will ever end up dead.

Bean recently spoke to The Sun where he admitted that he is no longer accepting roles where his character has to die.

"I've turned down stuff," Bean said. "I've said, ‘They know my character's going to die because I'm in it!' I just had to cut that out and start surviving, otherwise, it was all a bit predictable."


The Lord of the Rings actor stated that it all started with one role (we're assuming this one was in Patriot Games where his character is impaled by an anchor).

"I did do one job and they said, ‘We're going to kill you', and I was like, ‘Oh no!'" Bean said. "And then they said, ‘Well, can we injure you badly?' and I was like, ‘OK, so long as I stay alive this time'... I've played a lot of baddies, they were great but they weren't very fulfilling — and I always died."

You have to admit, the guy's really good at dying, from Boromir's arrow-riddled death to the whole falling-into-a-satellite-dish drama in GoldenEye. However, the untimely (if you haven't been reading the books) decapitation of Ned Stark continues to be the most famous one. Interestingly, Bean claims he thought the Lord of Winterfell would survive till the end of the series.

"I'd read the Game Of Thrones books and they said to me, ‘You do die in this, but it's near the end of the series'," Bean said. "And I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, fair enough'. So they made it very clear at the time I was going to die, and I thought, ‘I don't want to get stuck in one of these series that lasts seven years'. But I wish I'd have got stuck now! But it was very clear what George RR Martin wanted to happen to Ned — and it did."

Bean's latest project is the sci-fi thriller Possessor where he may or may not die again.

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