Fire & Blood: George R.R. Martin Gives an Update on the GoT Spinoff

We know that HBO is working on a Game of Thrones prequel starring Naomi Watts, but the news had just recently come out that George R.R. Martin is working on another spinoff show which focuses on the Targaryens. The show is said to be currently in the works, and Martin himself has gone on to his blog to give us an update.

Martin writes that it's likely the show will not be called Fire & Blood like the book, but he's not going to drop the title as of yet. He also confirms that the show seems to not have been ordered for a pilot yet. He writes:

I do want to point out that "moving closer to a pilot order" is NOT the same thing as "getting a pilot order." Would that it were. This is encouraging, this is exciting, but don't buy the couch just yet. When HBO actually gives us a pilot order, you will hear me shouting it from the rooftops. A series order and I'll be shouting even louder. But we'll see. Right now all the signs are good, but nothing is confirmed.

Other than that, Martin has said that the Targaryen show will indeed include dragons and that there are currently three spinoffs in development with HBO.

With Game of Thrones presenting such an expansive world, it's no wonder HBO wants to milk the franchise as much as they can. GoT ended up being one massive show, and not even Westworld has managed to amass as big a fanbase.

I'm just hoping the spinoffs have the same quality as the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones. Give me meaningful character interaction and political intrigue over dragon fights any day.

No release date has been set for any of the Game of Thrones spinoffs.

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