First Venom Movie Logo Revealed

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As fans ponder on the fate of FOX, a display for this weekend's Comic-Con Experience in Brazil has given fans a glimpse at the first Venom movie logo. The Spider-Man spinoff that won't be a part of any Spider-Man movies has been gaining plenty of attention lately, so the fact that fans have been able to get a glimpse at the film's logo will continue that. It's a pretty sweet logo from what's been revealed and should ease in some fans who were fearing the film.

The logo, or perhaps an early logo, of the film, has a big red V and Venom's face smack dab in the middle. Unfortunately, it is simply some random art of the character and not an official reveal of the CGI Sony will be using for the movie. Next to the Venom logo is the character's iconic We Are Venom phrase, though it is spelled We Are #venom.


If Disney really is acquiring FOX soon, it looks like the days of Marvel movies not connecting is going to be over. Spider-Man returned a few years ago on Civil War to a thunderous reaction from the Internet and his first MCU solo film Homecoming was received positively. Should the Fantastic Four and X-Men return as well, this means that the only Marvel character who won't be part of the MCU is Venom.

Of course, if the film's quality ends up being high, it could always be reintegrated to the MCU somehow. At the least, Marvel might let the property be and let it stay in its own universe. Fans are hoping Marvel does this with Deadpool, but that's another topic altogether.

Venom is set to come out Oct. 5, 2018.

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