First Valorant Ban Wave Removes 8,873 Cheaters

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Valorant's "Vanguard" anti-cheat system is booting cheaters out of the tactical shooter, and Riot Games has announced that nearly 9,000 cheaters have been taken out from the game's closed beta.

Riot anti-cheat engineer Phillip Koskinas shared the update on Twitter:

"Located a Valorant universe where there were 8,873 less cheaters and moved us all into it," Koskinas said. "Please be careful as your bones may've shifted during dimensional travel."

When asked what kind of bans Riot is making and whether or not they're hardware-based and could be fooled by a virtual machine, Koskinas didn't divulge the details.

"Can't give the method (and they'll eventually figure it out), but it's nothing that easy," he noted.

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Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games required Valorant players to download the Vanguard anti-cheat system when they signed up for the Closed Beta of the game, and although it was responsible for overheating PCs, it's good to see that it's doing its job well. More cheaters will most likely get banned when Valorant officially releases this summer.

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