First Look at The Train to Busan Follow-Up, Peninsula

South Korean zombie film Train to Busan amazed the world when it was released in 2016, for its unique take on the zombie horror genre, followed by an animated prequel titled Seoul Station. Now director Yeon Sang-ho has shared new details regarding the follow-up (which he doesn't consider a sequel), including a bit of the film's plot and a first look at its chaotic world.

Check out the new images and the official poster below:

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"It takes place four years after Train to Busan, in the same universe, but it doesn't continue the story and has different characters," Yeon told Screen Daily. "Government authority has been decimated after the zombie outbreak in Korea, and there is nothing left except the geographical traits of the location – which is why the film is called Peninsula."

The film's protagonist is Jung-seok (played by Gang Dong-won), a former soldier who escapes the Korean Peninsula, which is now a zombie-infested wasteland that has been decimated following various nations' attempts at stopping the spread of the virus. He's sent back to the port of Incheon in order to reach Seoul, coincidentally coming under attack as he finds non-infected survivors.

Peninsula is a much more ambituous project with twice the project of the original ($16 million USD versus the $8.5 million USD).

"The scale of Peninsula can't compare to Train to Busan, it makes it look like an independent film," Yeon said. "Train to Busan was a high-concept film shot in narrow spaces whereas Peninsula has a much wider scope of movement."

It looks like Yeon is building a zombie movie universe with his upcoming blockbuster, so I won't surprised if there will be more follow-up films set in the same world.

Peninsula is currently in post-production, and is already set to be distributed for theatrical release in the U.S. and other countries around the world.

No release dates have been announced for Peninsula yet, but it was previously said that the film will be ready by Summer 2020.

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