First Look at Nike's Space Jam Inspired Gear

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Credit: WB Pictures

Probably one of the biggest movies that defined the 90s was Space Jam, and we're finally getting a sequel more than 20 years later with LeBron James set to star. While we don't have any official promos yet, Nike has released images for their Space Jam-inspired gear.

Check it out:

We get a uniform each for the Tune Squad and the Monstars, which make me wonder if these uniforms are meant to promote the sequel or simply callback the original movie. While I'm sure that it's essential that the film brings back the Looney Tunes, I'd think the movie would give us a different antagonist rather than come back with the Monstars—after all, they kind of befriended the aliens by the end of the first film.

Either way, with the promotion slowly coming out, we should hope that the first teaser for the film should come out before the year ends. While Space Jam is a beloved 90s film, it admittedly hasn't aged well. I guess the goal for this sequel is to come up with a movie that both kids and adults can enjoy. God knows the eventual storm of internet hate if they made this movie solely for the children.

Space Jam 2 is directed by Malcolm D. Lee and stars LeBron James, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Don Cheadle. The movie is also produced by Black Panther's Ryan Coogler.

NBA superstar LeBron James teams up with Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes for this long-awaited sequel.

Catch Space Jam 2 when it hits theaters July 16, 2021.

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